Land of Stardust and Silence

I like corgis, I'm technologically incompetent, and I whine a lot. My preferred tag is 'angel of broadway'. With spaces. Also I talk about my boyfriend a lot. He's really important.

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Self-expression rules - this fall, style yourself with confidence and #MakeItReign
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Dirty Paws // listen here

A mix for werewolves.

Part 1 of my Creatures of Old series of mixes.

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i have a phd in stealing my brothers sunglasses

bringing this back because whoa what a super rad babe
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Modeled by Ophelia Overdose
Prompt Idea from awritersnook:

Write about the character above. Is she Mother Nature, turning brown from how we treat the planet? A deceptive Earth faerie who likes to play tricks on unsuspecting travelers? An immortal and cursed woman who has to lure prey to their deaths to keep her Controller from turning his rage to her? A wizard who has been forgotten over the years who plans to right this awful world we live in? 

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